Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Finding Shapes 1 - Squares

Beyond Layers day 63 challenge was to find and photograph geometric shapes. The first shape was a square. Here I'm posting two square pictures.  The first one was taken in February when we were rehearsing for our Easter week performance of Stabat Mater. These are windows in the Suomussalmi church. There was beautiful light, but I needed to lighten and smooth the image up, so I applied a bokeh texture.

Winter Light
- texture from October 2012 Bokeh Set by Jerry Jones @ Shadowhouse Creations

The second photo was taken at the Gallery of Modern art in Glasgow. All in all, I found the building itself far more interesting than the exhibitions at the time I visited the gallery. To match the flowing shapes in the windows, I applied a texture to give the same kind of effect to the rest of the photo.

Blue Window
- texture from Creative Black Mask 2 Collection by Denise Love @ 2 Lil’ Owls Studio

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