Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pieces of Me, Day 1

Changed my username on deviantArt, so I thought I'd create a new blog here as well. It seems I'm not primarily posting scrapbooking layouts, as I thought I would when I first started, so I felt  it a bit restricting to call myself ScrapEija. Now I'm Eija Ite (or Eijaite), exactly as on flickr, and happy with that, since it means Eija Herself. Life's busy, but I have managed to steal some time for photos and for Beyond Layers, which of course has been long officially over, but I'm going to plod along and only then tackle Beyond Beyond. That naturally means that particular course will be long over, too, before I have any chance to work on it, but so be it then. I'll do what I can when I can and am not going to stress over it.  I'm a bit sad to have missed the community side of it, but glad to have met nice people anyway in Blogland.

The pictures I'm posting this time are my take on the originally one-week BL challenge Pieces of me. There were two topics for five days, and I've covered at least one of them for each day. Here's my Day 1 challenge.

Favourite Chair

- paper Blue Jean 02 by myself
- font Milton Burlesque NF by Nick's Fonts
- font Skia

The pictures show our Dandie Dinmont male Renny in his favourite chair in our study. I took the picture on in February, but it could be anytime (for example right now). Yes, he is in the small picture as well, hidden under the cover.  He might sleep for a good while under the cover, but at some point it gets too hot there and then follows the really fun part, when he starts manouvering himself out. You see a wriggling, twisting blanket, then it usually falls down and some feet appear under it, then after some shaking and puffing, out dives a dog on a bad hair day. This is a favourite chair, though, because there's almost always somebody there, at least whenever either one of us two-legged family members are in the study.

Another challenge for day 1 was On My Feet. I couldn't decide which one of these picture I prefer, so I'm posting both. The first one shows another favourite spot of the doggies in the study: lying on the feet of the person sitting at the computer. Here we have Renny and his daughter Marleena, while I'm typing this the one warming my toes is Grandmother Foxy.

Dogs on my feet
- background texture Scripted by Kim Klassen
- font Bradley Hand ITC

My other take for the challenge is a picture I took of my feet in socks knitted by Marjo last autumn. They have been my favourite footwear at home this winter. I blended two textures by 2 Lil' Owls on the background and used this lovely brushed mask by The Scrappin Cop on the photo.

Homemade Socks

- textures Carnevale 45 & Vintique 5 by 2 Lil' Owls
- mask by The Scrappin Cop
- font Windsong by Bright Ideas

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Paper pack freebies

Long time no see. I suddenly noticed there are quite a few digital scrapbooking paper packs that I have made and published on deviantArt, but not here. So here goes. They are all free for you to use, click on the image to be taken to  the download page. Enjoy!