Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pieces of Me, Days 4 & 5

I'm posting some pictures to the originally one-week Beyond Layers challenge Pieces of me. This'll be the last installment in the series. On the fourth day the topic I chose was A Light Fixture.

The light in the first picture is one of many at my work place, they are all over the building, along corridors and in the concert halls. I think they are lovely in their clarity and simplicity, they create a beautiful play of light and shade against the white walls. The picture was taken on a  typically dark Friday afternoon last December when I was walking the corridors and thinking how I longed for more light, and how the days would still continue to grow shorter.

- font Denigan by Måns Grebäck

The challenge for the second photo was a favourite beverage. Well, I have many, tea being the everyday favourite. This one is a sort of festive variety, Chai Latte - I first tasted it a couple of years ago in Britain and have since discovered it is to be had in Finland as well, but unfortunately not in my home town, so I can only have it when travelling. This particular drink was enjoyed at Birmingham Airport on our way back home from the Crufts Dog Show in March 2013. It still makes my mouth water.

- font Chopin Script by ClaudeP
- brush by Coreaux 
- texture Soft and Sweet by Kim Klassen

The third photo was brought aboout by the prompt Through your window. The squirrel seated on the roof of our woodshed is one of at least eight that have frequented our bird feeding post this winter. They still hang around, since we still feed the birds, because the nights are so cold, below zero almost every night. Now they have started to change colour, most of them are wearing their summer clothes and have turned red or at least reddish.

Frequent Visitor

Resources:- texture Revolution by Kim Klassen

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