Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bookspine Poem

A quick post to catch up again, before I dash off.  Tuesdays are my busy days this autumn, but decided to post another picture, which I actually took and processed already in July, so that I can move it to my Done! folder.

Day 42 of BL was a challenge to create "bookspine poetry", that is, stack books so that their titles would make a "poem". You are supposed to read the book titles only, not the author's names.

In July, I took a quick look at our bookcases, dug up some books in English and piled them on our garden love seat. It was a 10-minute project, processing the photo took a bit longer, perhaps a quarter of an hour. I'm amazed I can make quick work of something!

Steps taken:
1 did some levels adjustment
2 added texture Pour Vous by Kim Klassen at hard light 45%
3 added frame: framing action White Frame V4 from Photographer's Toolkit 2 by WallStorm

Oh, and I read the "poem" with the following punctuation, but feel free to substitute your own.

Picture this
complete nonsense:
The hippopotamus,
birds, beasts and relatives
inside the Victorian home
discovering heraldry.
Through a glass, clearly
tears of the giraffe.

Yes, I meant it to be complete nonsense, but to me it sounded fine and made me giggle. I leave it to the reader to decide whether the poor giraffe was crying behind a window for not being included in the party or whether the whole merry bunch was raising glasses, realizing they were filled with giraffe tears. A sad story anyway, isn't it? ˆ--˜

Now off.  Must wake up the snoring dogs, kick them out and pack my stuff and dash for lessons.

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