Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Long time no see... well, better continue from where I left ages ago. The prompt for day 35 at Beyond Layers was about shaking things up, taking a new route… The big change at this very moment is typing this blog after such a long break, in the effort of finishing the eCourse sometime during the next two months when the material is still available.

But the sort-of-new thing I've done recently has been to rediscover old skills. I've taken up needlework again, after years and years of not touching any. Far easier than working with photos: doesn't require computer, there's hardly any brain effort needed, it's just simply relaxing, something you can do when you're in the half-braindead state you get to when you finish work late in the evening.

It started during the Christmas holidays. My friend was sitting in the armchair next to me knitting, and I was feeling restless, doing nothing next to those busy hands. I think she needed a crochet hook for finishing off something, so I went rummaging in the needlework baskets and boxes, and while I found what I was looking for I also discovered a hairpin loom. I faintly remembered having crocheted three shawls in this method ages ago, one for my mother and one for each granny, and had to go and dig on the net how you actually do it. To my great delight I found instructions and started working. To start with, I made a couple of scarves of left-over yarns, and then I actually went shopping for yarn for a new project! I ended up buying this lovely multi-coloured yarn called Peippo (Finch in English). It is actually rather heavy, meant for socks mainly, but I made a huge shawl with it.

Hairpin Lace
Here I photographed the two scarves, the loom, mother's old needlework basket, the fun yarn and the beginnings of the shawl. The photos were taken on 2nd January.

Resources used:
- background papers Road to Sunset 01 & 04 by myself
- brush from Bittbox
- template by Katie Pertiet

Will post some photos of the finished shawl later on, and other stuff I manage to make. Not if. When.


  1. Wow, I had forgotten about this type of work! I had one of those looms - no nice you rediscovered it and are working on new things with it. A very nice collage page too. Someimtes I find I just have to pick up my sewing or a needle to physically do the work and feel satisfied. Nice work. I'm really happy this class is nearly finished - 1 week - 2 lessons.

    1. Good for you -- to finish the class, that is, says I enviously, knowing that I'm not going to finish for a while. ;-) I so wish I had the time to do all the things I'd like. But yes, crochet has become my way of relaxing in the evenings. I'm so happy to have rediscoved it.

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