Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Living Fully or Frantically

Having been awfully busy all autumn, it was not without certain bitterness that I read Kim's post for day 31 of Beyond Layers. Not daring to even open the posts lest I'll be swept to playing with the challenges when I really should be doing something else, I was not delighted to find a challenge about slowing down.

However, I guess I have come to realize that busy really doesn't matter. Sometimes there's nothing else to do but to rush along, but it's not as if I wouldn't enjoy it. Oh yes, I have been whining about not having enough time, but right now, this very moment, I'm overjoyed to really have had holiday time to beautifully unwind, spend time at home, do little or a lot or nothing at all and -- be there. Together with Better Half and the doggies. Feel.

For the photo challenge, here's my take. Since the past autumn's particular busy has mostly been at work, this picture's fittingly been taken at my work place.


Resources used:
- texture Tears of Hope by Smoko-Stock (70% Soft Light)
- texture Be Still by Kim Klassen  (40% Multiply)

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