Monday, 20 August 2012

Blue Skies Smiling at Me

For Beyond Layers Day 20, the fourth day of the Colour Week, I collected blue skies and other things from our trip to Salzburg at the end of July. It was a wonderful holiday, we enjoyed all of it, even the part where we first got soaking wet in a sudden thunder storm that started during an open-air concert in the Mirabell Gardens, rushed into one of the buses we usually took and then realized it was not going where we were, and when the wind blew Better Half's brand new Panama hat onto the pavement and a friendly young man managed to catch it…

I loved skimming through the pictures for some beautiful and memorable blueness, most of it the sunny kind, although there are some watery bits as well.

Helsinki-Salzburg, July 2012

Resources used:
- template by myself
- gradients by Digital Phenom
- background texture by Bashcorpo
- brush from Real Brush Strokes Set by Doodle-lee-doo

Salzburg, July 2012

Thank you for the resources:
- template by Scrap'Anges
- gradients by Digital Phenom
- background texture by Bashcorpo
- brush from Real Brush Strokes Set by Doodle-lee-doo

What an absolutely amazing summer we've had this year. It's been rainier than I ever remember, yes, and cold too, but there have been these beautiful sunny days and it suits me perfectly that there haven't been these long heat waves. And it seems we've been travelling the whole summer.

Let me see now. First I went to Scotland with the students, then we flew directly to Salzburg to the World Dog Show without me even getting home but meeting Better Half at the airport. After that we drove to work a dog show where I worked for the weekend, only a couple of hundred kilometres but anyway.

Ok, in June and the beginning of July there wasn't too much of driving together, as Better Half was off most weekends to a show somewhere, but at the end of July we first drove to the Club Show for four days, then to the Chamber Music Festival for a day and then flew to Salzburg again for the glorious week. Coming back, we had the little party for my birthday and then rushed off to another show where I worked for three days, a couple of hundred kilometres again but we drove home every day. There was another show the weekend after that, only about 100 km away this time, and this takes us to last week.

On Wednesday we first drove about 600 km south-west for Better Half's judging test, on Thursday northwards again, where we visited Better Half's sister and the zoo, then on Friday there was another test in Central Finland where we found our way along nice country roads, and then home. And this round trip of 1,200 km or so I actually got to drive all the way. Better Half usually does the driving, as my eyes are rather unreliable especially in the dim or dark, but now we drove mostly in full daylight and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Between the trips, we have alternately worked like mad and just relaxed. Yes, it's been a great summer.

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