Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Texture Tuesday - Oh so SOFT eDition

This week the theme in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge was soft. I knew immediately what I was going to do with the theme, and here's the result. 

I took this photo on 10 November, 2011, when our Dandie Dinmont Terrier puppies were 18 days old, and spent most of their time feeding and sleeping next to their mother. Their eyes had opened a few days earlier, and they were beginning to take their first steps, but it was all so very exhausting...

Watching puppies grow up is wonderful, but with them time really really flies. Especially at this point, each single day brings about so many changes... if you want to take a photo of them the way they are today, you absolutely have to do it today, because by tomorrow they will have grown up so much more again.


Thank you for the beautiful tools:
- texture "Embrace" by Kim Klassen
- texture "Sleepy Bokeh" from "Assorted Bokeh Set" by Shadowhouse Creations
- texture "Grunge 6" by Mysteria-DL
- action "Lovely & Ethereal" from The Pioneer Woman's Action Set 1