Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Texture Tuesday - Your Fav eDition

Out of the Shadows

This week in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge we were asked to share our latest textured fav.

The picture I chose is of our 4-month-old Dandie Dinmont Terrier puppy Justiina. I took the photo on Saturday in our garden, where there's still plenty enough of snow...

I'll try and give the recipe here, too, just in case somebody might be interested. The original image was rather dark, so I duplicated the image at 64% screen. For editing, I used the following: the new weekend texture "Paper Love" by Kim Klassen at 55% soft light and 28% linear burn, both layers first turned black and white with the Neutral Density filter in PS CS4, as I didn't want to change the original colours. Then I felt I needed a light beam to focus attention on the puppy, so I added a beautiful light beam and cloud texture called "I Tell The Stories" by Smoko-Stock at 96% soft light. Loving both of the textures.
I was also working on another doggie picture, so here's that as well. It's a photo of Justiina's mom Misa, her sister Marleena and her dad Renny, again taken on Saturday in our snowy garden.

And the recipe for that one: first I took Kim's texture "Evolve", changed it into black & white with Blue Filter, then used at 65% soft light. Next I took the same texture, again turning it black & white but this time with Neutral Density filter, used in blending mode colour burn at 44%.
Then I felt I needed just a touch of lightness and a touch of blue, so I used a blue texture from LiZn's texture pack "Eirene" at 15% colour dogde.  I still thought the picture could use a tad more depth and added one more texture, Fabric dye 10 from Dierat's Paper Pack 3. The blending mode here was 30% colour burn.

Out with the Family

As I don't ski, I'm not the most enthusiastic winter person, but here I find myself wishing there'll still be a couple of beautiful sunny days like this before it's time for the snow to melt away.


  1. Oh boy, these little guys look like they are having a ball playing in the snow!

    1. Oh yes they are! I've been silently wondering what the young ones will think when the summer comes -- all they've ever seen outdoors is the snow. :-)

  2. I love these wonderful pictures of your dogs!!

    1. Thank you -- nice of you to drop by and doubly so for letting me know. :-)

  3. The little ones look like they are having plenty of fun in the snow. Nice pictures.

  4. Fun in the snow:) That first picture is my favorite.